Succeed on Your Psychiatry Rotation


AMBOSS makes up where other resources are lacking when it comes to practice questions and Articles for the NBME® Psychiatry Shelf Exam. With AMBOSS, you have hundreds of Qbank questions at your disposal, as well as Articles that can be referred to not just when you’re studying, but throughout your entire Psychiatry rotation.

Prepare for the Psychiatry Shelf Exam with the Qbank

  • Practice your test-taking skills with 300+ NBME-style Psychiatric Shelf questions, and find corresponding Articles with further explanations on what you’re being questioned on.
  • Enable highlighting or turn on high-yield mode to spotlight the most important information in any question stem.
  • Find detailed explanations behind every possible answer on a question so that you can better understand why each answer option is right or wrong.
  • See an overview of your progress with a continuous analysis of your session success; you’ll be able to pinpoint—and close—knowledge gaps.
  • Study on-the-go with the Qbank app for iOS or Android. You can squeeze in practice questions in your downtime, even when you’re offline.

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