Acute management checklists in AMBOSS

The most essential steps in one checklist

Stay on course, even amidst the countless distractions. With our interactive acute management checklists, you can ensure proper care by not missing any steps.

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Better patient outcomes,less wondering if you forgot something

  • Check off your tasks as you go
     Keep track of what you’ve done so you don’t forget or repeat steps

  • Highlights often-overlooked inpatient tasks
    Save yourself those extra pages by getting the tasks done now

  • Made especially for hospitals
    We’ve included the most common diseases and conditions
    you’ll face when admitting your next patient

Only the most important steps

Don’t get bogged down in the details — each list is short, actionable, and immediately accessible
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How to use in AMBOSS

  • 1. Search for condition or disease

  • 2. Navigate to the Acute Management Checklist section

  • 3. Start managing and checking off as you go

  • 4. Answer your pages or run off to that code

  • 5. Return to your list and feel confident you haven’t missed a step

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