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Well, being a member means you'll always have access to our vast medical library, which is optimized for both quick reference and deep learning. That will help you get through your pre-clinical and clinical years at med school and throughout residency.

Each membership comes with 50 questions a month to test out the Qbank. With unlimited, you can use all of our questions, which include 2700+ questions for Step 1, 2250+ for Step 2 CK, and 800+ bonus questions for Step 3. And we mean it when we say unlimited—you don’t have to pay for individual exams.

It's an upgrade on top of your membership. Unlimited Qbank access starts right after purchase and is billed separately. You can buy unlimited Qbank access in monthly packages. Once your upgrade to unlimited expires, you'll still keep your membership but will be limited to 50 questions per month.

Yes! You can cancel it at any time. Just open the platform and select Account then Memberships & Licenses and cancel there. If you are paying monthly, your membership will continue until the end of the month. If you cancel a year-long membership, your membership will end after its 12 months and you won’t be charged again.

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99.8% of our users are fully convinced! We think you will be, too. If you’re in the 0.2% that is not 100% satisfied, forward your receipt of payment to refund@amboss.com within the first 30 days of purchasing. We will cancel your membership and refund you the full amount, no questions asked. Refunds are given only to purchases made directly through AMBOSS.