Study for the USMLE Step 3


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The USMLE Step 3 is the final step to becoming a licensed physician. Students must show they can apply their medical knowledge without supervision. While it is general in nature, it is a two-day exam that still requires dedicated studying and reliable resources.

With 750 Step 3 questions and corresponding high-yield Articles, AMBOSS is the final puzzle piece missing from your Step 3 study plan (and the complete Step 3 package will be released soon!)

How Can AMBOSS Help You Study for Step 3?

  • Crosslinked content keeps your studying centralized. Every Qbank answer option is linked to a corresponding Article that delves deeper into the topic in question. Learn why what’s right is right, as well as why what’s wrong is wrong.
  • Study from anywhere, anytime, even when you’re offline. Time management is easy with our Qbank and Knowledge apps available for both iOS and Android. Practice going through questions on the wards or during your commute.
  • View your performance progress and get personalized recommendations on what to focus your studying on next. You’ll be able to clearly identify weaknesses and close knowledge gaps.
  • Use real clinical data to get the big picture of any disease or condition. Both the Qbank and Library feature charts, X-rays with overlays, videos, SmartZoom samples, and other images that illustrate key points on different topics.

Sharpen Your Clinical Reasoning

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“It has proved to be very useful both for studying and reference on the wards. The app is easy to navigate and I’m able to find relevant clinical information quickly. I especially like the dialogue boxes that give further explanation, pictures, and links to related topics. Everything is interwoven beautifully. It reduces the need to look at many different sources.”

Tasmia Ahmed, Family Medicine Resident