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“AMBOSS trains you how to get through questions quickly. Effective, not just from a learning standpoint, but also skills for test taking.”
— Manish Mehta, Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons

 Start studying for Step I exams with AMBOSS!

Use AMBOSS as a supplemental resource to study for your Step I Exam. Access over 600 Step I questions which encompass high-yield topics covered in the USMLE Exam. Here's how! 

After logging into your account, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Qbank.”
  • Toggle over “Create a Session” and when redirected, choose either "Exam Prep" or “Custom Session."
  • When in "Exam Prep," select "USMLE Step I" from the dropdown menu.
  • From the "Custom Session" tab, select "USMLE Step I" from the “Exam” dropdown menu. Here, you can access 550 Step I-specific questions, which are integrated with SmartZoom features, USMLE-specific quizzes, thousands of visual resources (videos and images) and much more.

How can AMBOSS help you prep for Step I? 

Pair the AMBOSS Learning Cards with the interactive Qbank for instant review and high impact learning.  Delve into the etiology, the pathophysiology, clinical features, diagnostics, treatments, prognosis and prevention of disorders and diseases within our extensive clinical knowledge library to succeed on your Step I Exam.  

AMBOSS Interactive Images

Within our interactive clinical knowledge library, any image containing a plus (+) sign links to a quiz. When quiz mode is activated, you can gain an even deeper understanding on a wide range of clinical topics and further test your knowledge.

AMBOSS SmartZoom

Many AMBOSS Learning Cards have histological slides with a SmartZoom feature that allows  you to dive more deeply and more clearly into pathological findings. Get to the nuclei level and access our Physician-appointed landmarks, indicated by red pins and blue overlays, to reveal exactly what you need to see in H&E slides.

AMBOSS Visual Resources + Real Clinical Data

Learn to interpret results with real clinical data. Access thousands of charts, images and videos that illustrate key diagnostic points to gain expertise on clinical examination procedures and diverse medical topics. Delve into one of our many educational videos, covering diverse topics, such as surgeries and examinations or toggle on overlays and illustrations to highlight pathologies and to pinpoint exactly what you need to see. 

AMBOSS Synchronized Learning

Crosslinked content lets you synchronize your learning all in one place. Continuously updated clinical content with a wide range of topics are linked with every question. Go deep or high-yield, and explore overlays in case-based results, from X-rays to EKGs.

AMBOSS is a medical learning platform offering a challenging Qbank with hundreds of Step I questions and an integrated library covering 15,000+ clinical knowledge areas.

  • Explore our clinical knowledge library structured according to the USMLE Content Outline

  • Access hundreds of NBME-style Step I questions to test your knowledge and build comprehension

  • Delve into daily updated content written by a team of 50+ physicians

  • Utilize our supportive features and interactive analysis to help pinpoint knowledge gaps

Visual Resources for Step I

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