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Step 2 CK Self-Assessment Week

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Warm up for exam day with a faithful replica of the actual NBME® exam.

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The Step 2 CK Self-Assessment is a practice version of the USMLE® Step 2 CK, simulating both its structure and scoring. It consists of four question blocks of 40 questions each, presented in the NBME®’s official timed format. After completion, takers will receive a score prediction, performance analysis, and personal study recommendations.


Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Teekz - Aspiring Dermatologist

Get ready for the USMLE step exams with the AMBOSS Qbank

Check out this article on how to use the AMBOSS Qbank in study mode to train exam-taking skills and dive deeper into a topic during study sessions: go.amboss.com/qbank-studymode-msg

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Medical students across the nation attest to its rigor and exam-day accuracy


“AMBOSS’ self- assessment was a great transition from passive step studying through classes to focused dedicated study period. This exam gives you a taste of test day and a baseline of where you are going into dedicated...It's really hard to find good questions with good answer explanations, but this self-assessment has them!”

Aaishwariya G., class of 2023

University of Central Florida College of Medicine


“The self-assessment was the perfect first step in getting ready for dedicated studying; not only were questions well made and the test at the perfect time to give me a "baseline" of where I was at knowledge-wise, but also, the in-depth explanations (linked to the AMBOSS library) provided an unparalleled review depth and integration after receiving the score report.”

Samuel C.,
MD-PhD Graduate Trainee (GS-1)

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine


"Being able to see a percentage correct really helps [you] see progress as the exam fatigue can set in, but it is a similar length to the NBME practice exams so the session still feels accurate. Being able to stop the test easily also helped reduce my own anxiety. I find that the AMBOSS explanations are the best across the multiple banks I’ve used and the incorrect explanations are just as useful."

Aleah S., class of 2022 

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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What to expect during Step 2 CK Self-Assessment Week


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It begins! You've got 10 full days to complete all four blocks.


Complete the self-assessment and use your free access to explore AMBOSS.


Receive your 3-digit score, performance analysis, and study recommendations. 


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