Love AMBOSS, or your money back
100-Day Guarantee*

* Limited time 100-day money back guarantee (expires February 4, 2019)

Did you know that AMBOSS students score higher on their medical exams? 99.8% of our users are fully convinced! We think you will be too, so we’re extending our normal 30-day money back guarantee to 100 days on all AMBOSS Plus access options of 6 months or longer.

If you’re in the 0.1% of students that are not 100% satisfied, forward your receipt of payment to within the first 100 days of purchasing an AMBOSS Plus 6 month access or longer, or within 30 days of all AMBOSS Standard options and AMBOSS Plus access options shorter than 6 months. We will cancel your remaining access and refund you the full amount, no question asked.