Introduction to the AMBOSS Anki Crash Course

Two challenges all medical students face are not only covering vast amounts of info, but also developing the long-term memory to recall that info for exams and clinical experiences. And here’s the problem: Your brain is programmed to optimize, so it removes knowledge you don’t routinely need (like small details on exams). 
That’s where Anki comes in, helping you to:

  • • Strategically review content spaced out over time, using a method called spaced repetition. 

  • • Ease your workload, save time, and maximize your knowledge retention by integrating your previous recall performance as opposed to showing randomly selected cards. 

  • • Automate the repetition interval you need with built-in algorithms, which prevent you from forgetting details and promote long-term retention. This is called: “Flattening the Forgetting Curve.