Study plan for the knowledge test (Kenntnisprüfung)

Foreign-trained physicians obtaining a medical license (Approbation) in Germany

To practice medicine in Germany, foreign-trained physicians must have their medical qualifications recognized by passing the Kenntnisprüfung (knowledge test). Sufficient knowledge of the German language is also a requirement. Physicians can learn the correct German medical terms and treatment recommendations according to German guidelines with AMBOSS.

For participants in the oral-practical knowledge examination (Kenntnisprüfung), we also provide a study plan and offer the use of AMBOSS for one year at a special rate. 

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Content of the study plan for the Kenntnisprüfung

This study plan serves as a guideline for structured preparation for the oral-practical examination including the patient presentation:

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    The most common clinical conditions in internal medicine & surgery, basic medical principles and clinical skills

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    Guideline-compliant content, constantly updated by our medical editorial team of over 80 doctors

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    Sample questions to test knowledge

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    Medical terminology in German specialist language 

Structured and concise—for optimal preparation

AMBOSS Kenntnisprüfung Lernplan

Important: Activate „Klinisches Studium“ (clinical studies)
The “Klinische Praxis” (clinical practice) mode contains more information than is needed for the Kenntnisprüfung. When you need more in-depth theory content for clinical work, the “Klinische Praxis” should be reactivated.

AMBOSS Kenntnisprüfung Lernplan

Language course to prepare for the knowledge test (Kenntnisprüfung)

Be prepared for the knowledge test (Kenntnisprüfung) with the state-funded preparation course with our partner, Lingoda. The course combines a comprehensive AMBOSS learning plan with the Lingoda German language course. If you are interested, Lingoda can support you during the funding process and with any questions you may have.


AMBOSS special offer:
49 € discount in the first year

In addition to the study plan for the Kenntnisprüfung, we would like to support all doctors preparing for the exam with a 25 % discount on the AMBOSS annual subscription (incl. app and all multiple choice questions) for the first year.

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Questions and advice
on the recognition process

Our partner, the Marburger Bund, provides detailed answers to questions about the general recognition process, temporary licenses, knowledge and equivalency tests, employment contracts, etc.

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