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  • Tired of the uncertainty around how Qbank percentage correct, self-assessment scores, and Free 120 correlate? Want to know exactly when you are ready to take the exam and get the result you want? 

  • Our upcoming score prediction model will eliminate the guesswork. But we need your help!

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Why students & residents love AMBOSS

  • Get medical answers anytime, anywhere, even when you’re offline with theAMBOSS library and Knowledge app

  • The platform includes a question bank that covers 100% of USMLE and NBME® exam content, plus didactic features to hone your exam-taking skills.

  • AMBOSS becomes your go-to point-of-care tool with expanded clinician features for clerkships and residency.  

“'You could choose just AMBOSS and you could make it through and do well on all your exams”

Blake, AnKing co-founder

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