Succeed on Your Surgery Rotation


studying for shelf exam with amboss

AMBOSS is an all-in-one resource that serves as both a clinical companion on the wards and a reliable study guide for your NBME® Clinical Surgery Shelf exam. Our medical library features surgery-specific Articles that can be used as a point-of-care reference when you’re with patients or rounding with your team and for in-depth studying with its robust Qbank (even offline—check out our mobile apps for Android and iOS).

Practice for the Surgery Shelf Exam Using the Qbank

  • Review as many questions as you can—you have 1050+ high-yield, NBME-formatted surgery questions to choose from.
  • Learn to identify important information quickly by enabling highlighting or turning on the high-yield mode.
  • Familiarize yourself with typical imaging findings, like X-rays, and practice diagnosing and determining management for different ailments.
  • Get an overview of your progress with a continuous analysis of your session success; you’ll be able to pinpoint—and close—knowledge gaps.
  • Activate exam mode to practice answering question stems in a time-constrained environment.
  • Study on-the-go with the Qbank app for iOS or Android. You can squeeze in practice questions in your downtime between cases, even when you’re offline.

Find a Surgery Clinical Companion in the Library

  • Access Articles chock-full of surgery-related terms and topics.
  • Focus on high-yield surgery topics, like Thyroid Nodules.
  • Quickly reference diagnosis and management methods for a variety of diseases, like Gas GangreneOral Cavity Cancer, and Meckel Diverticulum.
  • Review detailed medical illustrations that help outline the main features of various relevant conditions—like Acute Cholangitis.
  • Look up the definitions of surgery-specific vocabulary with a complete Phrasionary.
  • Refer to the Knowledge app for iOS or Android while you’re on the wards.