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Activate your AMBOSS account by clicking the button below. This is necessary to ensure you have continued access to NEJM Knowledge+.

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Access to NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, & Pediatrics Board Review is now only available via AMBOSS for individual subscribers.

Individual subscribers who have already set up their account will receive unlimited free access to AMBOSS, including our clinical support tool and all Qbanks, until April 30, 2025.

Welcome to the next era of medical education
Your membership includes:

Clinical Resources

Detailed management steps for patient care, diagnostic algorithms, differential diagnoses, and acute management checklists

Comprehensive Drug Database

Access all therapeutic guidelines and off-label uses. Say goodbye to scrolling through pages of text or consulting multiple apps.

Free Mobile App

Download our Knowledge Library and Qbank apps so you’ll be ready for every clinical scenario and your exams.

Unlimited Qbank

ABIM, ABFM, and ABP board review questions, USMLE® Step (1, 2CK, and 3) and all Shelf exams

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits

Earn 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ on the platform every time you read or browse through a CME-eligible article, and 1 point for every 6 correct answers for ABIM/ABFM/ABP questions

Digital Library

Dive into our extensive library of over 1200 articles to support instant, deeper knowledge acquisition


Tell me more about the one-year unlimited free access to AMBOSS.

AMBOSS is providing you with one-year of unlimited free access to all NEJM Knowledge+ subscribers migrating to our platform following the announcement on April 29, 2024.

This includes AMBOSS clinical support tool and Qbanks, along with the NEJM Knowledge+ Qbanks for ABIM, ABFM and ABP board prep.

For existing paid members with a Yearly membership, you will not be charged for your next renewal. For existing paid membership with a Monthly membership, you will not be charged for the next 12 monthly membership renewal. Additionally, a 12 month of Qbank add-on will be added to your existing Monthly or Yearly membership access.

How do I access my NEJM Knowledge+ account on AMBOSS?

Your new AMBOSS account has been configured with all of your NEJM Knowledge+ usage data and has full access to all AMBOSS content. To activate it, click here and set a new password using your old NEJM Knowledge+ email address.

If you already have an AMBOSS account, you can just log in as usual to access NEJM Knowledge+ Board Review questions and AMBOSS together.

I have an AMBOSS account under a different email address than my NEJM Knowledge+ account. What do I do?

We have created a new account for you using your NEJM Knowledge+ email address with one year of unlimited access to AMBOSS, and imported your activity data from NEJM Knowledge+. Should you want to use your AMBOSS email address going forward, please contact our Customer Support and they’ll help you.

Will my progress and data from NEJM Knowledge+ be transferred to AMBOSS?

Yes, all your activity data from NEJM Knowledge+ has already been successfully transferred to your AMBOSS account. This includes your question history, practice exams, and practice sets for ABIM, ABFM, or ABP board review prep.

Where can I find my progress data imported from NEJM Knowledge+ in AMBOSS?

You can find your usage history by navigating here. However, custom practice sets from the old NEJM Knowledge+ platform will be available here.

What is the deadline to set up my AMBOSS profile?

Access to the old NEJM Knowledge+ site has been discontinued since May 30, 2024. Set up your profile and sign in via AMBOSS to continue access to your resources.

Can I still earn CME credits on the old NEJM Knowledge+ platform?

Redeeming your CME credits through the old NEJM Knowledge+ site is no longer possible. You can now continue earning CME points on AMBOSS with your new login credentials.

How do I earn CME credits on AMBOSS?

Set up your CME account here

Then, there are 2 ways to earn CME credits on AMBOSS:
First, same as on the old NEJM Knowledge+ page, for every 6 specialty board exam prep questions (ABIM, ABFM, ABP) answered correctly for the first time, you get 1 CME point. 

Note that if you already earned CME credits for a question on the NEJM Knowledge+ page, you won’t earn CME credits on the same question again on AMBOSS. In addition, you can also get 0.5 CME credits by reading one of the 150 CME-eligible articles (see continuously updated list here). Follow the subsequent steps on this page to complete a brief evaluation regarding the information you learned and redeem your credit. (Please note that currently, articles that you read on our mobile app will count towards CME, but you must be on a web browser to complete the evaluation and redeem credit.)

What is a Study Plan, and how can I create one for my board exam prep with AMBOSS?

Study Plans on AMBOSS provide an organized approach to studying, helping you follow a structured schedule. Whether you have an upcoming exam or more time to prepare, these plans offer various options. Some focus solely on Qbank sessions categorized by system or discipline, while others incorporate articles from the AMBOSS Library, allowing you to mark them as learned during your progress.

All information about creating a Study Plan can be found here.

How do I start a custom Qbank session for my board exam prep with AMBOSS?

All information about creating a custom Qbank session can be found here.

What if I want to renew or purchase NEJM Knowledge+ for my residency program?

If you would like to renew your current access, please contact your account manager for more information. For new purchases, please fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch.

Where can I access NEJM Knowledge+ Pain Management and Opioids?

You can continue to access NEJM Knowledge+ Pain Management Opioids here.

I have more questions. Where should I go?

Please visit our help center for all the latest information. Alternatively, our Customer Support Team will be happy to assist you directly at 1-347-835-5441, Monday to Friday, between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm ET, or email anytime.  

Institutional license customers can also contact your account managers: Jim Colbert at and Kelsey Monson at