Want to be an AMBOSSador?


We are so excited that you are interested in the AMBOSSador program! Please fill out the application below and someone from the AMBOSSador team will be in touch with you after reviewing your submission.

Questions? Shoot a message to ambossador@amboss.com

About the Program:

AMBOSSadors are the people we ask first for insights and ideas about our platform, and they are the first to know about Beta tests, launches, new features, and general AMBOSS news. Members of the program get free, unlimited access to AMBOSS Plus in renewable increments. AMBOSSadors have goals for each trimester, and work on projects that fit their interests and schedules. In addition to full access to the platform, AMBOSSadors can earn points for participation in our rewards program. Some rewards have included sponsorship at conferences, travel stipends, gift cards and new tech.

Some examples of the kinds of projects AMBOSSadors do:

  • Encouraging friends and other med students to try AMBOSS by giving out free access codes
  • Writing reviews about AMBOSS for your peers online
  • Being featured in our #anatomyofamedstudent Instagram series, where you can share your med school story & experiences with other AMBOSSers
  • Writing a blog post about a med school-related/personal topic that is important to you
  • Talking to academic support centers and/or admin about AMBOSS
  • Helping us organize a visit to your school for a Focus Group

So what is the time commitment?

We are flexible! You are busy – and we get it. AMBOSS is built by a team of physicians, so we know that your time is tight. We set baseline goals for each trimester, but we are always willing to work with your schedule. To give you an idea of what that looks like, our last goal was to have every AMBOSSador share their code 10 times over a 4-month period. We are currently working on some program restructuring and will offer a variety of goal options going forward. Bottom line – we’ll provide clear goals, and we’ll always help support you to reach them or find solutions for working around time constraints.

Check out some of our AMBOSSadors:

  • Blog guest writer: Michael
  • #anatomyofamedstudent: Laura
  • #anatomyofamedstudent: Amna