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Step 1 Self-Assessment Week

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The Step 1 Self-Assessment offers you a pass/fail result, study recommendations, and a bonus three-digit score.

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Take the Step 1 Self-Assessment

Warm up for exam day with a faithful replica of the actual NBME® exam.

Gauge your knowledge

Get a pass/fail result and performance breakdown—plus a bonus three-digit score.

Adapt your study plan

Course-correct with study recommendations hand-selected to meet your needs.

Just like the real thing

Get a feel for the actual USMLE® Step 1 with a self-assessment that mimics its difficulty and structure. You’ll go through 4 blocks of 40 questions each in a simulation of the NBME®’s interface and timed format.

In addition to building your exam-day stamina, you’ll get a 3-digit score report that includes your passing probability and a list of personalized high-yield topics where you should focus.   

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Step 1 Self-Assessment Week 2021
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Teekz - Aspiring Dermatologist

Get ready for dedicated

Check out this article on how to make the most of AMBOSS during Step 1 dedicated. Sean Robert Huff, MD, shares his top tips for success, so you can feel confident on exam day: go.amboss.com/Step1-dedicated-msg

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Medical students across the world attest to the self-assessment's rigor and exam-day accuracy


“AMBOSS’ self- assessment was a great transition from passive step studying through classes to focused dedicated study period. This exam gives you a taste of test day and a baseline of where you are going into dedicated...It's really hard to find good questions with good answer explanations, but this self-assessment has them!”

Aaishwariya G., class of 2023

University of Central Florida College of Medicine


“…[W]hen it came to Step 1 prep, the self-assessment was the perfect first step in getting ready for dedicated studying; not only were questions well made and the test at the perfect time to give me a "baseline" of where I was at knowledge-wise, but also, the in-depth explanations (linked to the AMBOSS library) provided an unparalleled review depth and integration after receiving the score report.”

Samuel C.,
MD-PhD Graduate Trainee (GS-1)

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine


“AMBOSS was really a one-stop shop for my [Step 1] study...I took the Self-Assessment in Feb (that AMBOSS provides to everyone for free!), and had a good idea of where I stood preparation-wise months before the actual exam. It was so helpful to know what I needed to work more on that much in advance, so that I could really pinpoint where I wanted to spend my time and tailor my schedule.”

Sandy S., class of 2023

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston School of Medicine

Your score

Go beyond a self-assessment

Understand the why and how 

Read up on the explanations behind each question you encountered in your completed blocks. 

The next step in your prep

Break down your Step 1 strengths and weaknesses with a detailed self-assessment performance analysis.

Ready to conquer on exam day

Manage your remaining prep with personalized study recommendations based on your performance.

What to expect during Step 1 Self-Assessment Week


Reserve your spot and get your classmates to join the big event!


Once it begins, you've got 10 full days to complete all 4 blocks.


Complete the self-assessment and use your free access to explore AMBOSS.


Receive your pass/fail result, study recommendations, and 3-digit score.


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Taking the AMBOSS Step 1 Self-Assessment

Score Report and Analysis

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