Prepare for the PLAB test


The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test is the official examination for international medical graduates (IMGs) to practise medicine in the United Kingdom. PLAB 1 examines your Clinical Knowledge and Clinical skills in 180 multiple choice questions, and the PLAB 2 is an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) made up of 18 scenarios.

We believe you can pass both with the help of AMBOSS. 

Here’s how you can prepare for PLAB 1

The PLAB 1 test is the first step towards practising medicine in the UK. It is a 3 hour written examination comprised of 180 multiple-choice questions covering everything in your medical studies.  Fear not, because these features will help prepare you for PLAB 1:

  • AMBOSS offers over 4,400 questions. Customise your sessions in multiple ways to fit your studying objectives. You can for example get questions based only on specific symptoms (e.g. Chest Pain) or organs (e.g. Breast).
  • Each answer to a question is cross-linked to a learning card. With the Attending Physician mode, you’ll learn why previous answers were wrong, and the what crucial information is for the correct answer.
  • Access our library covering over 15,000 medical topics including Surgery, ObGyn, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Public Health.
  • Identify the most important information relevant for any topic. Enable the Highlighting Tool in any question stem or turn on High-Yield Mode in the Learning Cards for condensed information that’s easier to recall on exam day.
  • Track your progress! Accomplish your studying objectives by identifying what information you need to retain to correctly  answer previously incorrect questions.
  • Study offline. Time management is a piece of cake with our Question Bank and Knowledge apps for iOS and Android. Practice going through questions during anywhere from the clinic to your commute.
  • Use real clinical data to get the big picture on any disease or condition. Both the Question Bank and Knowledge Library feature charts, X-rays with overlays, videos and other images that illustrate key points on different topics.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful package, and for the sacrifice made to simplify and make learning fun. More importantly, thanks for making this information readily available at a near zero cost.

Peter E.


Here’s how you can prepare for PLAB 2

The PLAB 2 is next and certainly not least. In this examination, you’ll be tested on your communication skills, clinical management skills, data gathering and be observed by two physicians throughout the 3 hour exam. You’ll be tested on topics ranging from cardiology to internal medicine, but also your English skills! Use AMBOSS to prepare accordingly and make use of our following features:

  • 40+ high-yield cases in exam format.
  • Multimedia including illustrative images, instructional videos, and photos of patient simulations.
  • Detailed checklists – focused history, focused physical examination, and communication & interpersonal skills – to measure your performance for prioritizing diagnostic or problem lists.
  • Step-by-step guides and flowcharts for focused physical examinations.
  • A flexible, interlinked interface that always allows you to access more information on terms or topics as needed.
  • Side-by-side comparisons of patient notes.
  • Differential diagnosis tables sorted by chief complaint.
  • Study on-the-go and offline with the AMBOSS apps for Android and iOS.

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