What is AMBOSS?

As the world’s leading digital medical resource, AMBOSS instantly has delivered up-to-date medical knowledge to over 1 million students, physicians, and faculty.

Our interactive Knowledge Library contains 20,000+ preclinical and clinical medical topics and comes with an interlinked Question Bank with nearly 5,000 clinical case-based questions.

Globally, students turn to AMBOSS as their all-in-one companion for medical school and faculty rely on us to help them assess their student’s knowledge and innovate their teaching.

An intuitive and comprehensive digital course book

  • Support students from the first day of their preclinical coursework to their clinical placement — and beyond — with over 1,200 articles.
  • Help hone diagnostic skills with thousands of high-quality and interactive medical imaging, illustrations, and charts.
  • Refer to up-to-date and accurate medical articles in our library that are peer-reviewed by a global team of 90+ expert physicians.
  • Maintain course engagement with a multimedia collection that includes hundreds of explanatory videos, Chalk Talks, quizzes, and an ANKI add-on.

The perfect learning resource
for modern curriculums

  • Promote a deeper understanding of the medical concepts students will encounter in both theory and practice with a collection of over 5,000 clinical cases.
  • Easily integrate AMBOSS into any Learning Management System (LMS) thanks to over 11,000 direct-to-content links.
  • Support any clinical course with pre-designed educational modules that combine articles from the library with corresponding questions from the Question Bank.

An assessment tool that drives student success

  • Students stay encouraged and on track with the learning analytics found in their individual accounts.
  • Faculty can create customized assessments to share with students in the Question Bank with the University Sessions feature.
  • Monitor performance and foster personalized interactions with students and cohorts by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Administrators and faculty can refer to AMBOSS’ analytics to better understand overall student progress and adapt curriculum objectives.

A platform developed by doctors and loved by students

Created by a team of freshly-minted doctors in 2012, AMBOSS’ mission is to empower physicians everywhere to provide the best possible care — starting with medical students.

Today students around the world use our platform to support their studies and successfully prepare for national and international licensing exams.

With a strong track record in medical education, educators can be certain that AMBOSS meets the needs and learning habits of today’s students.


Use AMBOSS on any device, any time. 

We’re available both online and offline to instantly deliver on-the-go medical knowledge and guidance.

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