An intuitive and comprehensive digital course book

  • Support students from the first day of their preclinical coursework to their clinical placement — and beyond — with over 1,200 articles.
  • Help hone diagnostic skills with thousands of high-quality and interactive medical imaging, illustrations, and charts.
  • Refer to up-to-date and accurate medical articles in our library that are peer-reviewed by a global team of 90+ expert physicians.
  • Maintain course engagement with a multimedia collection that includes hundreds of explanatory videos, Chalk Talks, quizzes, and an ANKI add-on.

The perfect learning resource
for modern curriculums

  • Promote a deeper understanding of the medical concepts students will encounter in both theory and practice with a collection of over 5,000 clinical cases.
  • Easily integrate AMBOSS into any Learning Management System (LMS) thanks to over 11,000 direct-to-content links.
  • Support any clinical course with pre-designed educational modules that combine articles from the library with corresponding questions from the Question Bank.

An assessment tool that drives student success

  • Students stay encouraged and on track with the learning analytics found in their individual accounts.
  • Faculty can create customized assessments to share with students in the Question Bank with the University Sessions feature.
  • Monitor performance and foster personalized interactions with students and cohorts by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Administrators and faculty can refer to AMBOSS’ analytics to better understand overall student progress and adapt curriculum objectives.

A platform developed by doctors and loved by students

Created by a team of freshly-minted doctors in 2012, AMBOSS’ mission is to empower physicians everywhere to provide the best possible care — starting with medical students.

Today students around the world use our platform to support their studies and successfully prepare for national and international licensing exams.

With a strong track record in medical education, educators can be certain that AMBOSS meets the needs and learning habits of today’s students.

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