AMBOSS & Anki:
Getting Together 💛

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An incredible way to combine my two favorite study tools and evidence that AMBOSS is the most innovative medical school resource out there.

Nick F., Class of 2022, University of Utah School of Medicine

The AMBOSS add-on has been super helpful in clarifying pieces I occasionally don’t know and it’s even more encouraging to see a highlighted term that I do know because I know I’ve got a high-yield concept down.

Tyson B., Class of 2022, University of Utah School of Medicine

It adds an enjoyable variety and effective way to learn new material or re-engage with past/graduated cards.

Forrest H., class of 2022, University of Utah School of Medicine

Pull High-Yield Information from Your Favorite Anki Decks

Connect Learning Cards to Anki Flash Cards

It’s just one simple step to broadening your knowledge: click on high-yield terms in any Anki flash card to open its related AMBOSS Learning Card and get the bigger picture on the topic at hand.

Get Definitions to New Terms Instantly

Don’t let challenging or new terminology slow down your study sessions. Hover your mouse over words you’re unfamiliar with to see their instant pop-up definitions and keep up with your rhythm.

Get More Cards Across Both Platforms

Explore and master new topics right on the spot. Clicking through pop-up definitions in Anki will lead you to corresponding Learning Cards in AMBOSS’ medical Knowledge Library where you can explore a variety of materials and even jump into the Qbank.