AMBOSS & Anki: Connecting knowledge

The add-on for Anki connects high-yield Learning Cards with your favorite decks. Mouseover any term in Anki to instantly see its pop-up definition, keeping your study experience in one, centralized place.

Dive into high-yield medical information

Connect Learning Cards and Anki decks

Clicking on new terms in an Anki flash card will open its related AMBOSS Learning Card. You’ll broaden your knowledge in just one step, without having to search through multiple resources.

Hover Over Terms

Pop-up descriptions and definitions of terms help you pick up new topics quickly without slowing down your study sessions, and you’ll be able to use Anki’s powerful spaced repetition feature.

Access to 900+ Learning Cards

Following a link to a Learning Card leads you to the AMBOSS medical Knowledge Library. From here, you have the option to immediately dive into our Qbank.

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