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What are University Sessions?

Learn to create a session

  • Customisable question sessions that can be paired with lectures and conducted as formative assessments
  • Provides your students with a comprehensive reference tool that supports different types of learners and modern study habits
  • Utilises blended learning methods with up-to-date digital medical knowledge
  • Improves clinical reasoning with thousands of high quality multimedia in simulated problem-based, clinical settings
  • Choose from near 5000 cases from the AMBOSS Question Bank

How can they benefit my teaching?

  • Assign clinical cases as homework from the AMBOSS Question Bank and implement into your teaching and evaluation
  • Publish custom sessions to students via unique links through the preferred teaching platform
  • Monitor knowledge application with AMBOSS’ analytical power to ensure learning objectives have been met
  • Create digital preparation and follow-up modules for lectures, seminars and clerkships

Students see your curated Qbank sessions in the platform.

Step-by-Step guide to create University Sessions

Step 1  Click Qbank in the sidebar. Then click Custom Session or Create a Qbank Session. 

Step 2  Filter questions by Exam, Systems, Symptoms, Discipline and Articles . Thenstart your session.

Step 3  Once you find a suitable question, click the Folder icon underneath the question text.

Step 4 Name your folder. Then click “+” to confirm adding your question.  Your folder is now successfully created.

Step 5 Explore questions until you’re satisfied with your collection. You can additionally explore via our Knowledge Library.

Navigate to an Article of your choice, then click Qbank Session.

Step 6  Once you’re satisfied with your question collection and ready to publish your session, click Qbank in the sidebar, and click Manage University Sessions. 

Your interface will now look as below. Here, you’ll find your folder.

Step 7 Add tags to your folder to help differentiate between others.

Step 8 Check the box under Publish, then click the ✓ under Actions to save your changes.

A banner will appear confirming your saved changes. Newly published folders will only become available to students after about one hour. However, changes to the content will (e.g. adding questions) become available immediately.

Step 9 Test your students! You can share the session using its direct link, as shown above. Alternatively,  your students can find the your session clicking My University in the Qbank tab.

Success! You can now create and share your University Sessions with your students. Happy teaching!

We’re here at if you run into problems or have any questions.