AMBOSS Access Scholarships

The AMBOSS Access Scholarship program: a COVID-19 Global Education Fund. Mission Accomplished!

Established in response to the challenges that our global community faced during the outbreak of COVID-19, the Global Education Fund represented an AMBOSS effort to equip students and physicians with high-quality medical knowledge. This allowed us to empower them to continue their medical training and serve their communities with the best possible care, regardless of their financial background.

Since March 2020, we started with a 2 million dollar budget for AMBOSS access, and as of today we have exceeded this amount beyond our expectations. During these two and a half years, our Global Education Fund provided scholarships support to over 34,100 medical students and doctors in 192 countries.

We created a real life impact in your community, together. Read what our scholars have to say:

“I was awarded your scholarship these last six months. I have just taken Step 1 and killed it (264!) and I wanted to thank you so very very much. Your help both financially and in quality of your resources, questions, and images was instrumental to reaching this goal and I am forever grateful for your generosity. ”
Ignacio, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Class of 2023

The program has been an incredible experience for everyone who took part in it. Our entire team is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with medical students and medical doctors worldwide. Read what it meant for us:

“Working on the Scholarship program has been a truly rewarding experience. It allowed me to connect with our community on a deeper level and be inspired by everyone’s passion and dedication to the medical field. I am happy to have been able to contribute to this project and help support so many hard-working students and physicians!”
Andra, Customer Success Specialist

“It has been a privilege to work with the AMBOSS Scholarship team. It is truly inspiring to see the impact we’ve had on the worldwide medical community and the support that we’ve been able to provide. It is always a pleasure to read the positive feedback we receive from our users.”
Ollie, Technical Support Specialist

As per our mission and vision, we will continue to provide ways to support the medical community with our different initiatives regardless of financial background—like the Humanitarian Support Initiative and our Global Health Initiative. If you want to find out more, check out the ways AMBOSS has to support you at the AMBOSS Help Center.

If you want to know more about the AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program impact and what it meant to our scholars, you can read it in our blog: Scholarship Program: Mission Accomplished.