50 high-yield USMLE® Step 1 topics

Feeling ready for your big Step? Make sure you master these 50 most high-yield topics for the USMLE® Step 1 exam. This list has been compiled by our team of expert physician editors and the excellent AMBOSS analytics team to provide an empathic boost to your preparations (On average, AMBOSS users score up to 12 points higher on the USMLE® Step 1*)

* – As the Step 1 exam moves to pass/fail from January 26, 2022, students will no longer receive a three-digit score. Read what AMBOSS physicians have to say about adapting to this change and get their advice on how to study for the new Step 1 exam.


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The top 50 high-yield USMLE® Step 1 topics

How do I get the most out of the Step 1 ESSENTIALS kit?

  1. Each of the 50 topics can be found within the AMBOSS Knowledge Library and Qbank. To access them, you need to create an AMBOSS account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Once that is done, feel free to bookmark this page and go through the topics at a pace that works for your study schedule; as soon as you finish studying one, come back to this page to see what comes up next. It’s an easy way to ensure you don’t drop easy points during this all important exam!
  3. Try the following tips:
  4. Test yourself as often as you can. The grey arrow at the top of each Learning Card leads to a USMLE®-style Qbank session covering all the tested concepts from the topic you’re reviewing.
  5. Really use the features like High-Yield Mode, Highlighting, pop-up definitions and more, which will help you pick out key points quickly and condense your study time.
  6. Add your own personal notes to the Learning Cards to build upon your knowledge and keep all your learnings in one place.
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