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Get the  Resource Missing from Your Step 2 CK Prep

The USMLE Step 2 CK tests your ability to apply medical knowledge during real-life examination scenarios. It is normally taken in the fourth year of medical school after you’ve completed your clerkships and NBME® Shelf exams.

With over 3300+ Step 2 CK questions and corresponding Articles that encompass Neurology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, and other high-yield topics, AMBOSS is the final puzzle piece missing from your Step 2 CK study plan.

How Can AMBOSS Help You Study for Step 2 CK?

  • Crosslinked content keeps your studying centralized. Each Qbank question answer is linked to a corresponding Article that covers the topic in question. You’ll learn not just why what’s right is right, but why what’s wrong is wrong.
  • Study during your downtime or on-the-go, even offline. Time management is a piece of cake with our Qbank and Knowledge apps for iOS and Android. Practice going through questions during anywhere from the clinic to your commute.
  • Enable the Highlighting Tool in any question stem or turn on High-Yield Mode in the Articles to immediately see the most important information relevant for any topic. It’s condensed information that’s easier to recall on exam day.
  • Use real clinical data to get the big picture on any disease or condition. Both the Qbank and Library feature charts, X-rays with overlays, videos, SmartZoom samples and other images that illustrate key points on different topics.

Sharpen Your Clinical Reasoning

Access Realistic Qbank Questions

“I’ve been looking [for] different content to prepare for step 2 CK, and there’s plenty of it [all] over the web, but few to none other have all the tools and shortcuts in one place that let you save time when reviewing.”

Jaime A. P. P. Medical Student