AMBOSS Clinician Mode elevates you from student to physician

Your favorite study resource becomes your go-to point-of-care tool

Unlock expanded Library content
and features designed for physicians-in-training

Diagnostic & treatment algorithms map out the latest recommendations for optimal patient care

Admission checklists ensure that you have completed all the critical steps

Comprehensive drug database, trusted by pharmacists, provides medication guidance and dosages

Access the power of the AMBOSS Library in the palm of your hand
Smartphone app Clinician Mode
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Robust medical search engine
built to support less screen time

Recognizes > 7000 acronyms
Searchable radiographs, videos, & illustrations
Voice-activated search functionality through Apple's Siri

See how AMBOSS Clinician Mode gave one med student the edge
in clerkships

Zach Highley-Gergel, MS4, Philadelphia

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Trusted, up-to-the-minute tools and content

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Guidelines Repository

Access full guidelines through the Guidelines tab

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In-line References

Check our sources via full citations displayed alongside clinical recommendations

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Drug Dose Pop-ups

Hover over the dosage icon next to medication names for immediate access to first-line dosages

Preparing for a Clerkship

Go into your clerkships already knowing what it is you need to do. With this tutorial, you’ll get insights into the usual day-to-day workflow, team dynamics, and metrics for success.

Forming Differentials

Forming differential diagnoses and narrowing them down doesn’t have to be daunting. Get to physical findings and chief complaints, paired with physical causes and clinically-relevant insights, right in the AMBOSS Library.

Developing a Treatment Plan

From medical standards to specific patient scenarios, there are lots of factors to consider when developing a treatment plan. Here’s how AMBOSS can lead you through the therapeutic options you need.

Studying During Your Downtime

Make the most of any spare time on the wards and prepare for your Shelf exams with the AMBOSS Qbank app. Create custom sessions that target your weakest areas and rely on smart tools like Key Info and the Attending Tip to nudge you in the right direction

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