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Submit your exam scores so we can predict your Step score! The AMBOSS score predictor provides your expected results for Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 3, along with the passing probability of your upcoming exam.

Eliminate the guesswork and know if you're exam-ready

Tired of the uncertainty around how NBME forms, self-assessment scores, and Free 120 results correlate? Want to know exactly when you are ready to take the exam and get the result you want?

The AMBOSS score predictor is here to eliminate the guesswork and show you if you are ready to sit your next USMLE® and get the result you want. The more practice exams you provide, the more accurate your prediction will be. Ready to try it out?

Score visualization graph coming soon!

Later this summer, we’ll be releasing a score visualization graph, which will show you your score progress over time.

  • Watch your progress in real time and see if you're on track to achieve your desired score.
  • Compare different practice exam results (including NBME forms, Free 120, and your self-assessment scores) all in one place.
  • Assess your performance against the minimum passing score and the national mean.
  • Instantly updated every time you add a practice exam score, and available only on AMBOSS.
AMBOSS USMLE Score Predictor - Charts
I use the AMBOSS Qbank on a daily basis because their questions can be sorted by difficulty and subject, so I can easily refine my study objectives. They also provide useful data such as what topics I need the most work on as well as specific articles to read to target those weak areas. I credit AMBOSS for my success so far in medical school!

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine Arizona, Class of 2026

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an AMBOSS account to predict my score?

In order to share your practice exam scores and receive a predicted score, you need to have an active AMBOSS subscription. However, anyone with an AMBOSS account, even those without an active subscription, can share their final result once they have received their official USMLE exam score. Do you want to create an account? It's free and only takes a minute. Create yours here.

How does the score predictor work?

Once you submit your practice exam scores, the results will be saved to your AMBOSS account, so you can come back and add new practice exam results to get an updated prediction. At least one of your supported practice exams or inputs should be within four weeks of your main exam date for accurate predictions. In addition to your predicted score, you will also receive a score range and passing probability for your upcoming exam.

How accurate is the score predictor?

Our software offers the best accuracy in predicting scores when benchmarked against other popular score predictors. In addition to a score, we provide a predicted score range. Students' real USMLE scores will fall within this predicted range 95% of the time.

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