The AMBOSS 45-day USMLE® Study Plan 

Comprehensive Step-1 preparation for IMGs

A study plan to help structure your Step 1 preparations for better efficiency and higher scores.

  • 45-days, 39 comprehensive Qbank sessions, 2400+ AMBOSS questions. Complete Step-1 dominance. 
  • Effective and complete coverage of the entire  Step 1 curriculum.
  • Special emphasis on high-yield topics—to maximize efficiency and scoring potential.

Note – An AMBOSS account is required to access the AMBOSS Study Plans.

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FAQ : AMBOSS 45-Day USMLE® Step 1 Study Plan for IMGs

Who is the 45-Day USMLE® Step 1 Study Plan meant for? How will it help me?

  • Whether you are in the intense “dedicated phase” of your Step 1 preparations or would simply like to cover the entire preclinical curriculum at your own pace, this plan is the perfect way to make sure that you stay on track.
  • Going through this study plan helps you cover 2400+ AMBOSS Step-1 questions in an organized and efficient manner. It is an easy way to ensure that you master all the topics you need to know for the actual exam.
  • The study plan provides you with one question block per day for 45 days (39 question-solving days and 6 rest/revision days), covering an entire organ system over multiple days.For the “Rest/Revision” days, we suggest that you either take a well-deserved break from the hard work you have put in over the previous week or, if you are feeling super-motivated, revise the topics that you covered in those days.
  • You could also choose to go through the blocks on your own time, using this plan as a framework to structure your Step 1 preparations.

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How do I get the most out of the 45-Day USMLE® Step 1 Study Plan?

  • When you click on this study plan, you will be taken to the “Home Page” of the IMG Step-1 Study Plan within AMBOSS.
  • Once you begin studying with this plan, you can easily access it and your Step 1 prep progress, under your Current Plans in the Study Plans section of your AMBOSS account.
  • Try and maximize your learning by using some of the smart learning features, built into the AMBOSS Qbank: 

    -The Highlighting tool and Attending Tip will lead you to the right answer if you’re having trouble. Use them to understand what to focus on within the vignette.
    -If you get a question wrong, try reviewing it with the help of the case-specific explanations, interlinked AMBOSS Article, and the Learning Radar to learn why.
    -Ensure you study smarter and more efficiently by using the Analysis section, which will give you personalized recommendations on what to focus on next depending on where your weaknesses lie.

NOTE: To access the Qbank sessions, you need an AMBOSS account. Create yours here and activate 5 days of FREE access to explore the platform. Already have an account? There are special plans that will give you unlimited access to all the Qbank sessions listed in the 30-Day USMLE® Step 2 CK Study Plan.

Can I get a sneak peek preview of the study plan without having an AMBOSS account?

Creating an AMBOSS account is absolutely free and provides you with 5-days worth of free trial access to all of AMBOSS’ Questions and Learning Material (Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS, and Step 3).
So, you can simply create an account and try this study plan, even if you don’t have an AMBOSS account yet.

In case you just want a quick sneak-peek, you can refer to the GIF animation shown at the top half of this page.

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