What Makes AMBOSS Special


What is the history behind AMBOSS?


During our studies and as physicians, we were frustrated with the hassle of juggling multiple resources: Qbanks, review books, textbooks, lecture notes, personal notes, multimedia, and a lot of googling. Forced to buy separate, expensive QBank packages, we were disappointed that there was no way to track long-term progression. We had to start over with every new resource. By creating AMBOSS, we have solved all these problems and made the resource we wish we had during our studiesan all-encompassing, efficient platform combined with excellent teaching that can be customized for any purpose and every learning style.


As it turned out, many people shared our frustrations. In just 5 years, AMBOSS has become the #1 European medical study resource. Already, 96% of German medical students and more than 70% of German-speaking medical schools have made AMBOSS their primary study resource. Since launching the English platform in Spring 2017, we now have more than 200,000 users in over 191 countries. So if you’re also frustrated with your fragmented study experience as we once were, AMBOSS can help you as well!


How is the content created in AMBOSS?


With a firm belief in a collaborative process, our content is developed via a rigorous internal peer-reviewed protocol by a group of medical professionals, including over 50 physicians in collaboration with medical students who have scored in the top percentiles on their USMLE® and NMBE® shelf exams, to ensure all content is clear, relevant, and comprehensive.


Our review cards serve as the base of medical knowledge throughout the platform, which correlates to all the topics found in the USMLE® Content Outline, the NMBE® Content Outline, as well as the objectives of our practice questions. Extensive research and testing is conducted to affirm that all material is perfectly aligned to meet the needs of medical students. Clickable references are also provided from credible, up-to-date sources such as clinical practice guidelines and medical studies. Moreover, we ensure that our Qbank content is challenging to provide the most efficient study experience. For instance, about 50% of users answer incorrectly on the first try, meaning they have the opportunity to learn 50% more!


We totally get it. Time and money are limited, and you’re hesitant to potentially waste either by trying out new resources. If our many users, team of top-scoring physicians, and rigorous process of creating content that parallels the NBME content outline are not enough, you can find out for yourself by trying us 5 days for free. And even if you purchase, we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with AMBOSSthat’s how confident we are in our content.



How well are users doing on their exams using AMBOSS?


How are you different than other Qbanks (like UWorld)?

This is a difficult question to answer in just a few words! First thing, though; as a pioneer in online medical education Qbanks, Uworld is an excellent resource. Most of our US editorial team used and appreciated it very much. We share a similar value of providing high-quality, challenging, exam-like practice questions with explanations that connect high-yield concepts and teach rather than tell. In this sense, we feel that our Qbanks have a lot of similarities.


But we are much more than just a Qbank! We also have a complete library of knowledge content for reference as well as high-yield layering for exam prep. In a sense, you could imagine a USMLE review book, DynaMed Plus®, YouTube channel, Qbank and soon Anki® all combined into one. Intelligent hyperlinking in our platform means everything is connected and available in the same tab with a mouseover or click. It saves precious time and nerves, prevents knowledge gaps, and is consistent. It's more efficient and dynamic than any other learning platform we have had in our studies; no more googling, no more books, no more risking knowledge gaps or losing time trying to find the answer.


Unlike Qbank-only resources that have tried to pack in all the USMLE content into their explanations or miss key concepts or provide info that is off-topic to the main objective or clinical vignette, AMBOSS’ explanations remain concise because users can read the off-topic details in the linked review cards if needed. We also have tools in place to help improve test-taking abilities, such as the attending’s tip tool to explain intermediate steps in Qbank solving and a vital highlighting tool to optimize your highlighting skills. Rather than just by telling you, every explanation teaches why the option is right or wrong by identifying the similarities and pointing out the arguments for or against using high-yield info you need to know.


The program adapts to users needs and preferences throughout their lifetime useno having to buy separate Qbank packages and lose past history. That means you can continue to optimize your studying experience by relying on ongoing study recommendations that adapt according to your needs. So instead of wasting time studying things you already knowyou can go right to the things you need.


Lastly, we have an active, passionate team to support awesome users by replying to daily feedback and social media conversations. With AMBOSS, we don’t just take your money and leave you in the dark.



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