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AMBOSS covers you for your USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 exams, and includes supplementary content for Step 3.

2500+ Practice Questions for Step 1

2200+ Practice Questions for Step 2 CK

800+ Supplementary Questions for Step 3

40+ Cases for Step 2 CS


It’s a robust, dedicated shelf resource that helps you honor your clerkships.

2200+ Practice Questions

1500+ Images to Train your Clinical Eye

900+ Learning Cards

18 Subject Examinations (Basic & Clinical Science)

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The AMBOSS Knowledge Library topics and Qbank questions are developed, checked and cross-checked by a group of physicians who maintain that all exam prep materials are clear and comprehensive. Extensive research and testing ensures learning materials are perfectly aligned to meet NBME standards.

More than just a Qbank

Learning Cards

The AMBOSS Medical Knowledge Library has over 900+ Learning Cards, allowing you to study in-depth on every topic featured on the USMLE Step exams. Learning Cards link to questions and vice-versa, making it easy to close your knowledge gaps.


The structure of our questions, answer options and detailed explanations offer you more than just a practice session. Create custom question sessions using advanced filters, or choose a standardized session curated by physicians.

Focus your study efforts

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Access content that yields the highest amount of gain and get just the right amount of information necessary to answer Step and Shelf questions.


Focus your study efforts with an in-depth analysis of your last Qbank session or your overall Qbank history.


Memorize important facts by turning on built-in highlights, to scan and focus on relevant information.

Image overlays

Retain more information using thousands of charts, X-rays and images with digital overlays that illustrate key diagnostic points, structures and systems.

Attending Tip

Get clues on how to approach questions and develop skills on how to creatively define solutions as well as find correct answers.

Quick Explanations

Not exactly sure what that term means? Hover over it with your mouse and see its pop-up explanation. Simply click on the pop-up to dive in deeper.

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Move seamlessly from desktop to mobile. Between classes or while on the wards, medical knowledge is always handily available -even offline- with the AMBOSS Qbank and Knowledge apps.

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