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AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course

AMBOSS’ High-Yield Summer Crash Course

Keep your M1 facts fresh and master high-yield Step 1 concepts this summer!

From June 10th-July 5th, AMBOSS is offering a 4-week flexible course covering 16 high-yield Step 1 topics.

It’s a simple way to beat the summer haze with a plan consisting of concentrated doses of digestible information hand-selected by AMBOSS’ own physicians. You can deepen your fund of knowledge and challenge your own test taking skills with multiple-choice questions. And at just a month long, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your break!

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Take the AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course with me this summer:

AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course FAQs

Do I have to create an AMBOSS account to take the course?

Yes, you must have an AMBOSS account before the start of the crash course. But, signing up is completely free and you’ll get 5 days of free access to AMBOSS so that you can explore the platform.

All students who sign-up for the course by June 9th will have free access to it and all of AMBOSS from June 10th-July 5th.

What if I already have an AMBOSS account?

You’ll still have to sign up for the AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course, but can then sit tight until the course begins.

How is the course structured?

From Monday through Thursday you’ll receive an email with 1 high-yield topic to study as well as a handful of Qbank questions related to that topic. On Friday, you’ll receive a complete 20-question Qbank session to test you on everything you studied during the week.

And, if you miss a week due to vacation plans, you can just pick up where you left off. The course can be easily adapted to your own schedule.

Is this the only time this course will be available?

June 10th-July 5th  is the only AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course slated for this year, but we’ll have more crash courses coming soon!

What happens after I sign up?

If you don’t already have an AMBOSS account, sign-up for free right away! If you already have an account, you can sit tight until the course begins on June 10th, when you’ll receive your first high-yield topic via email.

Remember to invite your classmates to join!