The USMLE® Step 1 Winter Study Plan

Kick off 2020 with a Resolution to Succeed

step 1 study plan

Whether you’re aiming to better manage your time or to stay ahead of your studies, we’ve got a plan to help you keep your resolutions intact. Start prepping for Step 1 with our  USMLE® Step 1 Winter Study Plan.

The USMLE® Step 1 Winter Study Plan guides you through high-yield topics over the course of nine days. Each day you can read through selected topics, test yourself with related Qbank questions, or check in on how well you did in your personal Analysis.

How to Use the USMLE® Step 1 Winter Study Plan

This plan is designed to help you:

  1. Ease back into med school mode after the long winter break.
  2. Get ahead of the topics you’ll be covering this semester.
  3. Lay down a foundation of Step 1 knowledge.

And there are plenty of ways you can approach and get the most out of it:

  • As you go through the plan, you may find you’re better prepared in some areas than others. Feel free to skip around to better meet your study needs.
  • Try out Qbank and Library features like High-Yield Mode, Highlighting, pop-up medical definitions, and more to pick out key points quickly and condense your study time.
  • Refer to the Analysis to get personalized study recommendations based on your day’s Qbank performance.

To access the USMLE® Step 1 Winter Study Plan you need an AMBOSS account. Create yours and get 5 FREE days to explore the platform. Already have an account? There are plans for as little as $10 per month that will give you unlimited access