Self-Assessment Week Has Ended!

Thank you to the thousands of students participated in the AMBOSS National USMLE Step 1 Self-Assessment Week!

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019 the first score reports will be sent out!

Students can expect:

    • An estimated 3-digit score
    • A detailed analysis of how well you did, plus in-depth study recommendations (not just general topics) generated by AMBOSS’ adaptive learning technology
    • Your percentile ranking within the national cohort

    How It Worked

    Click on “Get started” or here, then create an AMBOSS account or log in.

    Opt in to the Step 1 Self-Assessment from the dashboard.

    Complete the self-assessment and receive your score report by April 9th.

    USMLE Step 1 Self-Assessment FAQs

    What is the USMLE Step 1 Self-Assessment?

    The USMLE Step 1 Self-Assessment is a practice version of the USMLE Step 1 exam consisting of 4 question blocks of 40 questions each and is presented in the USMLE’s official timed format.

    Do I have to create an AMBOSS account in order to take the exam?

    Yes, but signing up is completely free. Normally, you would get 5 days of free access to AMBOSS when you sign up, but for the Self-Assessment Week, you’ll have access until April 7th to take the mock exam and explore the platform.

    When do I get my score report?

    Many participants have requested to receive their score reports earlier, so we’re looking to have them sent out as soon as possible, by April 9th.

    Do I have to finish all 4 blocks?

    Yes! If you don’t finish all 4 blocks, you will not receive the score report and won’t know how you rank among your peers.

    What if I want to take the self-assessment after April 7th?

    Unfortunately, the self-assessment is only available until April 7th. We set it up this way in order to best calculate your ranking among your peers, similarly to how the real exam works.

    I ended exam mode, but want to go back to my partially finished block. What do I do?

    Simply head to the self-assessment page in the platform and click on “Resume” next to the unfinished question block. Remember, you must finish the block within the allotted time in order for it to count toward your score report.

    I have finished an exam block. What do I do next?

    After you finish an exam block, you can either start with the next block straight away or take a look at how you did using either Guidance Mode or the Analysis. Between the two features, you’ll see which questions you got wrong and answer explanations, as well as get specific learning recommendations linking straight to our Knowledge Library.

    I finished the self-assessment. What’s next?

    Once you’ve finished the self-assessment, you’ll have the opportunity to review question blocks and refer to your personalized analysis for study recommendations based on your performance. The study recommendations will link you directly to our Knowledge Library where you can study the subjects that you may have struggled with during the exam.

    What do you mean by Guidance Mode and Analysis?

    While you wait for your personalized score report for the self-assessment, you can already access your performance analysis and review detailed explanations for each question. You have two options:

    Guidance Mode
    Go back to each question block in Guidance Mode to review specific explanations for each answer option to understand why you got that question right or wrong. These explanations link back to the Knowledge Library, which provides the bigger picture for whichever topic you are reviewing.

    Get a complete overview of your self-assessment success in the Analysis. You’ll see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, which specific topics you need to focus on most and get personalized recommendations of the Learning Cards you should review.