M1 Summer Course 2021

The High-Yield
Summer Crash Course

Class is currently in session!
The High-Yield Summer Crash Course kicked off on June 14 and will run until July 10, 2021.

Miss the sign-up deadline but want to keep your
M1 facts summer fresh?

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To participate, first make sure you have an AMBOSS account. You can create yours here. Second, get in touch with our customer support team at hello@amboss.com to request your free access for the duration of the course.

About the High-Yield Summer Crash Course

You’ve done it! After a year of hard work and dedication, you’ve conquered M1. Now it’s time for a well-deserved break — the summer is yours for the taking. You have every option ahead of you, from vacations to staycations.

And if getting a head start on M2 is the way you want to go, we’ve got your back. The High-Yield Summer Crash Course is a free and lightweight guided review of 20 high-yield Step 1 topics, made by AMBOSS physicians and designed with the new Step 1 pass/fail scoring in mind. It’s a study plan that bridges M1 and M2, and clocks in at just under a month, leaving plenty of time to kick back until the new semester rolls in.

How the course is structured:
Monday through Friday
: Receive one high-yield Step 1 article to review, plus a handful of Qbank questions related to that topic, each day.
Saturday: Review and reinforce what you learned with a round-up of the week’s articles.
Sunday: Take the day off to let that knowledge sink in and enjoy the summer-sun goodness.

Happening June 14-July 10, 2021!

AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course FAQs

Do I have to create an AMBOSS account to take the course?

Yes, you must have an AMBOSS account in order to take the High-Yield Summer Crash Course. But signing up is completely free and you’ll get to kick off a 5-day trial to explore the platform.

What if I already have an AMBOSS account?

Great! You’ll still have to sign up for the AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course but be good to go when it starts on June 14.

Is this the only time this course will be available?

This is the only AMBOSS High-Yield Summer Crash Course slated for the year, but more courses will be available soon!

What happens after I sign up?

If you don’t already have an AMBOSS account, make sure to create yours now — it’s the only way to access the course.

If you already have one, then all good! You can sit tight until the course begins on June 14 — just keep an eye on your inbox for the first article and Qbank session.

I’m excited to study as much as possible. Do I have to wait to receive each day’s topic, or can I move onto what's next?

No need to wait! You can access the complete course overview here and jump ahead to the next topic (or the next one after that!). You can also find the course in the Study Plans section of the platform.