Prepare to Fly


Work Attire

The office dress code is very casual – jeans, a comfy sweater or t-shirt are more than acceptable. We also are big fans of walking around in slippers or socks! Beyond office-wear, Berlin style is very diverse, fashionable and functional. You can honestly wear whatever you like – no one will look twice. Clubbing style is also extremely casual. You’d be more likely turned away from a club for dressing up too much instead of dressing down. So don’t stress about bringing a selected wardrobe – dress how you feel comfortable, and bring layers for weather readiness.

Useful Items

Your devices can all be used and charged in Germany with adaptors. It’s nicer to already have one before you arrive, but you can buy them here as well. Check whether your devices (especially hairdryers/straighteners) are compatible with European voltage. Electrical outlets in Europe run on 220-230 V (but quick FYI, we also have a hairdryer in the office).

If you’re staying in our office, it might also be a good idea to bring along a small shower tote for your toiletries, since our shower facilities are located down the hall from our sleeping accommodations. You can also easily find one in stores close to the office, if you prefer.

Phone & WiFi

SIM Cards

Prepaid SIM cards for data-on-the-go can be purchased at electronics retailers (SaturnMedia Markt) or some grocery stores (Aldi, REWE)  in the city – if this is necessary for you, we can help you obtain one after your arrival. Some popular prepaid SIMs are Callya from vodafone, Lycamobile or AldiTalk. Otherwise, you can communicate using our office WiFi or the free WiFi available in U-Bahn (metro) stations, cafes and other locations throughout the city. Some American phone providers also offer international extension packages, so make sure you check with your provider as well!

Useful Apps

  • Google Offline Maps – not technically an app, but super useful if you need a little directional assistance while on-the-go without data. You can download the entire Berlin metro area in advance.
  • WhatsApp – web-based messaging service connected to your phone number used by most Europeans (and most people at the office). Highly recommended!
  • BVG App – you can buy public transportation tickets here with a credit card, plan travel routes and look at network maps.
  • Mytaxi App – if you plan to use taxis.