Day Trips & Weekend Destinations

Potsdam is a great destination for a day trip because you can reach it easily with Berlin’s public transportation system in about an hour. Just make sure to buy an extension ticket for Zone C to pair with your AB zone ticket, as Potsdam lies outside of Berlin proper. Potsdam has beautiful summer palaces and gardens perfect for strolling, as well as a very charming Dutch quarter with great food options.

Leipzig is about 90 minutes by train and 2 hours by bus from Berlin, so it can be done as a day or weekend trip. Leipzig is the city of music, home to great composers like Bach, Schumann and Mendelssohn Bartholdy. There are many small music & art museums, beautiful churches and impressive university buildings to see.

Dresden is a little further, about 3 hours from Berlin, so it’s nicer for a weekend trip. Dresden is a stunning German city, and one that was almost completely rebuilt after its total destruction in the Second World War. The Zwinger palace complex, opera house and Frauenkirche are famous sightseeing attractions and architectural wonders. The river Elbe is an added plus in the summer!

You can reach Prague in 4.5 hours by train or 5 by bus, so definitely plan for the whole weekend. Prague is a tourist’s dream city. Every street features beautiful buildings and photo opportunities, the food is hearty and tasty, and Czech beer is shockingly cheap. Views to the castle and across the river, spanned by many bridges, are absolutely stunning.

For a well-kept secret in Poland, take the bus 3 hours from Berlin to Poznań. Poznań’s quaint city center is full of colorful old buildings and it is pretty cute how obsessed they are with their city’s goat mascot. You can watch mechanical goats duking it out at the city bell tower or take pictures with goat statues depicting the 465-year-old “billy goat legend”. Foodies will also love Poznań for its inexpensive but really wonderful restaurants!