Berlin Neighborhoods

One thing most people love about Berlin is that each neighborhood is distinct and has its own local feeling. We encourage you to get out and explore all the neighborhoods, but a few that have developed a special reputation are:


Situated south of Mitte (city center) and west of the old Berlin wall divide, this neighborhood was long known for its strong Turkish influences. You’ll still find the Döner Kebap on almost every street corner, but this area has become very hip and trendy in the meantime, with lots of boutiques and restaurants/cafes popular amongst students and tourists. (Recommended transit stops: U Schlesisches Tor, U Gneisenaustr)


Situated further south of Kreuzberg, this is a diverse neighborhood with a lot of great bars and nightlife, which feels a little more local than Kreuzberg, but has a similar young and edgy vibe. (Recommended transit stops: U Rathaus Neukölln, U Leinestr.)

Prenzlauer Berg

Situated just northeast of Mitte (city center), this neighborhood has become the young family’s paradise, with quaint, tree-lined streets dotted by playgrounds, lots of really adorable cafes and home-deco shops, and relaxed bars and restaurants. (Recommended transit stops: U Eberswalder Str.)


Situated east of Mitte (city center) and slightly north of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain combines some of the trendy hipster vibes of Kreuzberg/Neukölln with some of the cute/family vibes of Prenzlauer Berg. There’s plenty of life going on here, with an especially vibrant restaurant/bar stretch along the Simon-Dach-Straße and containing some of Berlin’s most famous clubs.