When will my 7-day free trial start?

Your free trial will begin as soon as you sign in — you won’t have to hesitate even a minute before trying your hand at the AMBOSS Study Planner.

There’s not much time left before my exam. How can I make sure only the most high-yield info appears in my study plan?

Our study planner was designed to adapt to your needs and help you score high on your upcoming exam. As long as you tell us when you’d like to finish your studying by, you’ll only see the most relevant questions for your study objective.

Where can I find the study plan I created?

From the AMBOSS dashboard, click on “Study Plans” on the left sidebar menu. You’ll find your most recent study plans under the “Current” section.

Is the study planner available on any of AMBOSS’ apps?

While the study planner isn’t available on the mobile apps, you can always access it through the web browser of your mobile device — we made sure to optimize it for you!