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"Consistently using AMBOSS as a question bank and as a guide for reliable information throughout my third year rotations allowed me to build solid foundational knowledge and subsequently do well on my USMLE Step exam!"

Lily Trinh, MD PGY-1 Otolaryngology Resident 
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The smarter way to learn and practice medicine


Digital Medical Library with Anki add-on

Exam Prep

USMLE Steps 1-3 & Shelfs Exams Qbank

Point of Care

Clinical Reference Tool for your rotations

Be that person
with all the answers

Auto-linking engine

20,000+ medical phrases linked to 2000+ articles

Highly curated content

Dedicated team of physicians who write only “must know” facts

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studies and exams

Challenging questions

2700+ Step 1 Qs, 3200+ Step 2, 3700+ Shelf, and 2000+ Step 3 

Anki - Integration

Flashcards with pop-up explanations and links to AMBOSS

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Mobile optimized UI

On-the-go lookups and answers in seconds

Trusted and relevant clinical content

Only the latest guidelines and clinical studies

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