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Use AMBOSS throughout your medical student career!* Access is a minimum for 2 years, but is prolonged for every year you are still a medical student (up to 7 years). The earlier in med school you start with AMBOSS Student Life, the more you save. 

AMBOSS is a medical learning platform offering a challenging NBME & USMLE Qbank and an integrated library with resources covering 15,000+ clinical knowledge areas. 

AMBOSS Student Life Access: 

  • Unlimited access to the clinical knowledge library
  • Unlimited access to Questions
  • Online and offline access via desktop, iOS and Android OS
  • A clinical knowledge library with thousands of images, topics and terms
  • Definitive Qbank which helps you do more than review for exams
  • Study analysis that tracks and pinpoints knowledge gaps to help you raise exam scores
  • Daily content updates from our team of 50+ physicians
  • New topics being released on a weekly basis

AMBOSS Student Life is designed for students who want to have uninterrupted access until they graduate from medical school. Prep for exams with an integrated USMLE-style question bank and use the medical library as an easily navigable reference tool for clinical work.

*After purchasing AMBOSS Student Life, our Support Team will reach out to confirm your medical school graduation date. Your access to Student Life will be valid for a minimum for 2 years, but can be prolonged as long as you are a medical student - up to 7 years.

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