NBME® Psychiatry Shelf Study Plan

Score Higher with AMBOSS

Our NBME® Psychiatry Shelf Study Plan features an organized approach to mastering psychiatry-specific topics in a short amount of time. It’s streamlined studying that’s designed to pick up the slack when you’re busy with clerkships.

The plan guides you through high-yield topics day by day. First read through the selected topics, then test yourself with related Qbank questions, and finally check in on your progress in the Analysis.

How to Use the NBME® Psychiatry Shelf Study Plan

  1. Carefully go through the topics listed in high-yield mode, and don’t get intimidated by the number of topics you see; we’ve only chosen the most condensed, exam-relevant information you need to know to score high on the Shelf exam.
  2. Follow that up with each day’s curated Qbank question session. Questions are randomized across the topics covered that day but ordered by difficulty, going from easiest to most challenging, allowing you to gradually build up your knowledge and strengthen your diagnostic skills.

Of course, feel free to skip days or change the order as you see fit to better suit your needs.

To use the NBME® Psychiatry Shelf Study Plan, you need an AMBOSS account. Create yours here and activate 5 days of FREE access to explore the platform. Already have an account? Try our unlimited access plans and freely go through the Qbank and Library on your own time.