“Why doesn’t everyone use this?”

M.D. Student, Class of 2019
Creighton University School of Medicine

“The Resource that We’ve Been Waiting For”

“AMBOSS is the resource that we’ve been waiting for — its integrated platform helped me study smarter and set a new personal best.”

Dr. Michelle Lundholm
PGY1 Intern Loyola University Medical Center
Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, 2017

“Highest Shelf Scores”

“Thank you! My two highest shelf scores were from when I used Amboss :)”

M.D. Student, Class of 2019
Harvard Medical School

Neurology Shelf – 95th Percentile

“I used AMBOSS for the first time on my Neurology Shelf and scored the highest I have all year (95th percentile). The difficulty of the questions, excellent explanations, and breadth of the Qbank adequately prepared me to perform well on test day!”

M.D. Student, Class of 2019
Creighton University School of Medicine

Surgery Shelf – 96th Percentile

I used AMBOSS as my primary resource to prepare for my surgery shelf exam, and am quite happy with my score (96th percentile!)! AMBOSS is a fantastic resource for medical students preparing for their exams.

MD/PhD Student, Class of 2018
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Recommended by Physicians

“And the students who are doing all of their clinical/pre-clinical work with this resource are so lucky, they have no idea how much better this is than the options before it.”

Dr. Nicholas Calotta, Resident
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins

” I finally found the most efficient way to learn”

“Amboss won me over with being one platform on which I can do pretty much everything. Question bank has a fantastic feature of highlighting important concepts that a student should pay attention to in order to answer the question. Having that feature primed my brain to quickly pick out relevant clues out a sea of details, which frequently overwhelmed me before – especially during an exam. The answers are formatted in a rule in/rule out method. I really appreciated this approach since I saw exactly where my knowledge gaps were. With most other question banks I could only test myself by organ system, but with Amboss I could also test myself by presenting symptoms!! We all know our test question is going to start with ‘patient coming in with a caught, fatigue, and fever…’ but now there is a way to find what is unique about one presentation v.s. another. If I was interested in a topic that was tested in the question there was a side bar that gave me the opportunity to review everything about the pathology in a concise/high yield manner. Whether it was epidemiology, treatment, diagnostic exams… it had it all! It even provided me with differentials!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so happy that I no longer needed 4 books to be open in front of me to get a full picture. I finally found the most efficient way to learn. I saved and still saving so much time. I am not sure how I stumbled upon Amboss, but once I started using it I felt as though I found gold. Amboss found a way to organize the information in the most efficient way possible. Amboss has to be part of a students tool box from the beginning of medical school. “

Yuliya Levkiavska, Class of 2020
Ross University School of Medicine