AMBOSS animations

Last updated: August 23, 2022

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AMBOSS animations cover a range of medical topics, such as gynecology, cardiology, pneumology, and neurology, as well as fundamental concepts in biomedical science, such as molecular biology, physiology, and immunology. One particular aim is to provide connections between topics and point to their interplay in medicine.

You will be directed to the YouTube link with the corresponding animation.

This article provides an overview of all available AMBOSS animations.

Immunologytoggle arrow icon

Viral immune response

Innate immunity and adaptive immunity (full and short version)

Antigen presentation

Hypersensitivity reactions I–III

Gynecologytoggle arrow icon

Lung auscultationtoggle arrow icon

Lung auscultation

Physiological breathing

Types of pathological breath sounds

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