User guide - Overview


After logging into your active AMBOSS account, you will be directed to the overview page. Welcome to AMBOSS! :‑)

My Qbank sessions

Any previous Qbank sessions can be viewed here. By clicking on the arrows in the top row, you can sort your sessions in ascending or descending order according to session name, date, or progress.

Session name

Each Qbank session is assigned a name, which makes it easier to identify what you have studied in previous sessions. AMBOSS suggests titles for each session (e.g., “Quick session - all organ systems”), but you also have the option of giving each session an individualized name.


The date indicates the day on which the session was created.


The progress bar shows your progress with regard to each session. The fuller the progress bar, the more questions have been answered in a given session. The color of the progress bar indicates your performance. If you hover over the progress bar, you can see more details about the session.


  • Play: By clicking the play button, you will be able to resume the session from where you last left off.
  • Analytics: The analytics button will take you to a detailed analysis of your performance in the session. You can also select specific questions or receive recommendations for further study.
  • Repeat: Starts the session over again.
  • Red repeat: Starts the session over again, but you will be quizzed only on the questions you answered incorrectly.
  • Rename: Allows you to rename the session.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete previous sessions. Deleted sessions will be removed from the overview page but will remain part of your performance analytics and will also be included in your overall statistics.

Study summary

When you click on “Study summary” in the bottom right corner, a summary of your entire study history/sessions is provided. This features also allows you to view analyses of individual sessions.

View more sessions

Once you have a number of sessions under your belt, you can scroll through them using the blue arrow under My Qbank Sessions.

last updated 03/14/2018
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