User guide - Navigating the menu


On the left side of the page, you will find the menu bar with icons that allow you to navigate between different AMBOSS features. The AMBOSS button in the top left corner takes you to the AMBOSS home page.

Header bar (at the top)

The header/menu bar at the top of the page has buttons that allow you to switch easily between our home page and the AMBOSS platform. It is also where you can log in and out.

  • Selecting the “AMBOSS” button will direct you to our home page.
  • Selecting the AMBOSS “double-triangle” button will direct you to the online learning platform.
  • The “Log in”/“Log out” button is in the top right corner. Here you can sign in and out of your AMBOSS account. Don't forget to log out after using AMBOSS on a public computer!

Menu bar (on the left)

The menu bar on the left contains links to the main AMBOSS features.


  • This section directs you to your dashboard and provides you with an overview of your most recent Qbank sessions.


  • This is where you can find all the learning cards, Chalk Talk episodes, and the learning cards you have favorited.


  • The Qbank is where you can create personalized study sessions from the thousands of questions we offer. By hovering over the Qbank icon, you can choose to “Create a session” immediately or see an overview of your “Previous sessions.”


  • This section provides you with an in-depth analysis of your performance in the Qbank sessions.
  • By hovering over the “Analysis” icon, you can select “Last Session” to see the analysis and personalized study recommendations for your last Qbank session. Alternatively, you can select “Study Summary” to see the analysis of all your Qbank sessions, with study recommendations based on your cumulative use of learning cards and performance on Qbank questions.


  • This will take you straight to our shop, where you can purchase access to AMBOSS. There are a number of different subscription options available in our shop that will allow you to continue using the platform.


  • By selecting the “Account” icon or by hovering over the icon with your cursor and selecting “About Me,” you can view and edit your account settings, personal details, and check on your AMBOSS access status.
  • Alternatively, you can select “Redeem Code” to activate access codes you have purchased or been given for AMBOSS access.

Support, ideas, and feedback (bottom)

  • In the footer at the bottom of the page, you can find two links; “Get Support & Contact Us” and “ Ideas & Feedback.”


  • If you select “Get Support & Contact Us,” you will be taken to our FAQ. You can also use this link to contact our support team, who will happily help you with any questions you have about AMBOSS.


  • If you select “Ideas & Feedback,” you will be taken to our feedback forum, where you can suggest new features or improvements as well as vote for suggestions made by others!

last updated 03/14/2018
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