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Last updated: July 29, 2022

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Chalk Talk is an AMBOSS video format that strives to break down complex topics and explain them in a simplified manner. The episodes and courses range from applied medical topics such as diseases and conditions to fundamental concepts in physiology and biochemistry. One particular aim of Chalk Talk is to provide connections between topics and point to their interplay in medicine.

Users that access the Chalk Talk episodes using desktop connection benefit additionally from many interactive features, including quizzes at the end of some of the episodes. These are specifically designed to help consolidate the information or transfer the newly acquired knowledge to similar situations.

This article provides an overview of all available Chalk Talk episodes. You can reach all interactive sequences alternatively in the menu under Library > Auditor.

Alternatively, interactive episodes can be accessed in the menu under Library → Chalk Talk.

Action Potentials

Pulmonary Function Testing


Energy metabolism


Pedigree analysis




General hematology

Hematological malignancies

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