AMBOSS Key Features

More than One Way to Succeed

Full access to all of AMBOSS’ key features will get you studying smarter for the USMLE Step and NBME Shelf exams.

Get the high score you’re aiming for.

“AMBOSS is a great learning tool. The combination of a high-quality question bank linked to relevant, concise learning materials makes the
test prep process easy.”

-Nadir Bilici, Surgery Honors, UPenn

Study Side-by-Side

Centralize your studying. Simultaneously viewing the Qbank alongside the medical Knowledge Library allows you to double-check and learn through the diagnosis of the case at hand without having to interrupt your flow with external sources.

Switch to High-Yield Mode

Hone in on what’s most exam-relevant. High-Yield mode condenses learning cards to their most high-yield information so that you can quickly focus your studying on what will help you score high first.

Experience Exam Simulation

Practice taking your exam in actual exam-day conditions. Getting familiar with the official exam format is just as important as getting familiar with the material itself. Exam Simulation mode weans you off the study tools and turns you onto a timer.

Train Your Clinical Eye

Spot abnormalities with Image Overlays. Turning on the overlay feature shows you the hard-to-see subtleties in an X-ray, MRI, or other diagnostic images that can make the difference in your diagnosis.

Course-Correct with the
Learning Radar

Quickly catch and correct mistakes. Enable the Learning Radar so that key knowledge points you missed during your Qbank sessions will be featured in red text in that topic’s related Learning Card.

And there’s more, like the Attending Tip, answer explanations and the personal study analysis to help you study for the score you’re aiming for on your next USMLE Step or NBME Shelf exam. But it’s all available only with full access to AMBOSS.