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Hey, VP of Engineering!

Looking for sustainable pacing and shared passion? At AMBOSS, we believe in excellence without crunch culture or big egos: We believe in engineering that matters.

As VP of Engineering, you’ll make key contributions to the creation of a product on track to improve medical care for millions of people. With the AMBOSS engineering culture under your care, you’ll empower engineering teams to discover best practices and build a shared vision of engineering excellence.

You’ll work closely with Elmar (CTO) & Chad (VP of Product) to forecast possibilities and adjust the teams accordingly. And, as the driving force behind Engineering’s sustainable growth, you’ll support the scaling of your team by hiring and nurturing talented engineering professionals and empowering them to deliver their best work.

You’ll drive software delivery on a macro level by aligning company-wide dependencies and organize the execution of the roadmap with different product teams. Always keeping one eye fixed on the future, you’ll invest forward and create a strong engineering organization that achieves amazing results and empowers healthcare professionals across the globe.

Why Engineering at AMBOSS?

Engineering at AMBOSS is home to a unique team spirit built on collaboration, openness, inclusivity, and professional development. Benefitting from AMBOSS’s flexibility and collaborative work style, you will be encouraged with a strong culture of open communication and support. Diversity and inclusivity are celebrated at AMBOSS. Engineering is proud to offer an environment free from any limitations based on social categorization; everyone has an equal place at the table and space to voice our ideas!

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AMBOSS is a medical education company striving to empower physicians to provide the best possible care. Since our launch in 2012, we've used the latest in cutting-edge technology to create the most comprehensive study and reference guide on the market and revolutionized the way physicians and medical students acquire their know-how.

By 2017, we transformed the learning experience for 95% of the German market and launched our international platform. In 2019, our hard work secured €30M in Series B funding to expand our products and their reach. Today, we continue to find new ways to innovate and establish ourselves to make a global impact. After being named a Top 10 Health & Science company to watch in 2021 by Business Punk, it is clear that we are not the only ones who are excited about the future of AMBOSS.

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience working in multi-layered engineering organizations (100+ people) supporting and fostering a collaborative growth culture for personal, professional, and leadership development
  • Experience in running talent management processes that finds and binds talented people that bring exceptional technical skills with them without sacrificing our culture and unique work environment
  • Hands-on experience with scaling engineering organizations (40+ people) where you are an inspirational leader that brings calmness and clarity to the teams
  • Pragmatism, critical thinking, and the Pareto principle are second nature to you
  • Strong technical background, experience with large microservices deployments, and experience working with multiple technology stacks; ideally, you still tinker on the side in open source or hobby projects

The AMBOSS Prescription

  • Set your own biological clock: Make use of our flextime, home office, and office abroad options.
  • Keep the hemoglobin flowing: Enjoy our fitness and wellness program with a sponsored gym membership.
  • Need more serotonin? Get involved in our monthly team events, game nights, and weekly language lunches.
  • Keep those synapses firing: Profit from ongoing learning opportunities with our educational seminars, “crosstalks,” and development programs.
  • No risk of high cholesterol here! Dig into freshly cooked lunches, healthy snacks, and wash it all down with the help of our amazing Italian espresso machine.
  • Does your doctor recommend time off your feet? Our mobility perks have you covered with a yearly public transportation card.
  • Want a little extra exercise? Then choose the sponsored bike instead of the public transportation card.
  • Reduce that childcare-associated cortisol build-up: Bring your child along to our AMBOSS Daycare when your Kita is closed, or use it to bridge the gap until you find a Kita spot.

Welcome to AMBOSS!

We have always celebrated diversity and inclusivity and are proud to offer an environment free from limitations based on social categorization. At AMBOSS, every person, from every background and demographic, has an equal place at the table and space to voice their ideas. Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, we believe you have something to add to our mission!

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