Little AMBOSSians

High quality and innovative child care at work requires exemplary learning facilities and a passionate educational team – that’s how our Little AMBOSSians story begins!

We all know that being a full-time parent demands as much attention as your working life. Whether you’re an expat in Berlin or a native Berliner, you can’t avoid the stress of finding a Kindergarten spot for your child.

One of our goals as a strong family-oriented company is to support our employees by providing a better work-life balance and bringing the joys of family to the workplace. Having a Kita at the office gives our AMBOSS parents valuable time to thoughtfully plan out the next steps of their child’s life without having to hurry.

So, instead of parting with your child before trekking to the office, you can create wonderful memories of starting and ending your days together. Commute with your child by train or bicycle and share these fun daily moments instead of rushing to drop them off at a different Kita. New parents also have the precious opportunity to breastfeed, change, and interact with their child without disrupting productivity.

What’s not to love?

We believe that providing safe, structured, and engaging settings stimulates growth and inspires each child to be their best. The passionate and experienced teachers at the AMBOSS Kita know that the key to learning is providing an environment where children are free to absorb lessons and express their innate talents and creativity. So, they create a safe, warm space for our little AMBOSSians and guide them by blending the best of tactile and kinesthetic styles of instruction.

Our AMBOSS teachers use a range of different educational approaches, such as Montessori, Steiner, and Traditional, to provide a variety of effective and valuable learning tools, combining them to suit the child’s individual needs and talents.

With daycare such an important step in a child’s development, our Kita teachers are with you every step of the way, sourcing excellent advice from child care experts across the globe.

Check out the very first edition of our Little AMBOSSians’ Magazine to find out more about life at the AMBOSS Kita. It’s brimming with information about our pedagogy,  separation anxiety, translingualism, our little ones’ favorite recipes, and so much more!

What do our parents say about the AMBOSS Kita?

Laura Vozza, Senior Performance Marketing Manager in Performance Marketing

“Having a Kita at our workplace is just so relieving. Especially in the first months, knowing that after our parental leave I would have the chance to come back to work without leaving my baby made things much easier. It’s also not just about the Kita at AMBOSS; It is also the entire family-friendly culture we have, and the Kita is the most explicit expression of it. To me, bringing my baby to the office Kita as her first experience of daycare is the perfect first step, and it’s an invaluable support while searching for a Kita in Berlin. I just feel lucky and grateful for working at AMBOSS particularly in this phase of my life and having this balance between my maternity and my profession from the very start”.


Maithili Pradip Pai,  Senior Product Manager in Learning Guidance

“Having a ping pong table at work as a perk? Sure. But having a daycare at work with wonderful and caring teachers is the best perk ever for working parents!

Moving to Berlin for a great work opportunity, with a small child can be a daunting decision. When we moved to Berlin for AMBOSS, we researched everything on the internet. The awesome Kita system here for infants and young children was one of the reasons this move didn’t seem completely impossible.  However, when we got here, we realized it wasn’t that easy to find a spot in a Kita, even when we relaxed all geographical constraints. We were willing to move wherever we found a Kita spot. We reached out to over 200 Kitas by personal emails and crossed our hands and legs and fingers and toes while we waited for an answer. While we waited, we still had to find ways to work (full time in our case) and take care of our child. 

Having an excellent daycare facility at AMBOSS, just made this so much easier. Especially since our Kita (spoiler alert: we found a really great one after all) was closed due to COVID 19, and we were again looking at 3 months without any childcare support. The teachers at the office Kita were so caring and affectionate, that our kiddo got used to the Kita really quickly, and loved spending time there. She spent her days with other kids, playing and listening to music. snacking, napping, going to parks, and finger painting (and so so much more!). It was so much easier for me as a parent to leave her, knowing she would be cared for, and that she would actually enjoy her time there, that I think it actually helped me focus on work as well.” 


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