Building a Healthier AMBOSS

For us AMBOSSians, it’s not only our goal to help doctors do the most for their patients’ health. But we also place great value on our employees’ health. The Healthy Week has been a tradition at AMBOSS for years and with the challenges due to COVID-19 it’s even more crucial to try and keep a healthy lifestyle as much as we can. That’s why in 2021 we transformed the AMBOSS Healthy Week into an entire Healthy Month! This is a time when we as a company encourage each other to strengthen our mind, body and soul. Besides our usual oldie-goldies like Yoga and running challenges, we made sure to add a few creative ideas this time as well.

Drawing on unlimited resources

With so many people in our organisation having a natural interest in health topics, we have a wealth of expertise to choose from to lighten up our daily working routine. On top of that, we have plenty of individuals in our AMBOSS-family with creative g hobbies and a real passion for health-related activities. Naturally, we thought this is great material to bind together a colorful bouquet of various activities to give each day of the week a touch of extra positivity.

Active, creative, relaxing: There is something for everyone

Until the middle of March, we can all take part in several training sessions and workshops, such as morning yoga, core strengthening classes or High Intensity Interval Training to get our blood flowing and pump up the energy level. For calming down, there are guided breathing sessions and daily wind downs. Having more of a creative streak? You can attend pottery and journal classes. These are just a few of our popular options to choose from on a daily basis.

Training muscles, brain, soul – and the feeling of togetherness

This is not only an attempt to build up healthier habits and make them part of our work life.We realized in the past that our Healthy Weeks (and Months) are also a great way to interact with other members of the AMBOSS family, get to know our team members on a different level and build connections throughout the company. During the current times, where people work from home and are less connected through tangible means, building relationships and a sense of belonging has gained even more importance. We want to strengthen the feeling of togetherness wherever we can, because after all, sharing is what makes us as a company successful!

Interested in joining the AMBOSS-family and being part of our future Healthy Weeks or Months? We’d love to hear from you since we’re always looking for new colleagues who want to share their expertise and personality with us!

Want to get some impressions of our previous healthy week? Have a look at our video below!

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