There are endless ways to customize your Qbank sessions in AMBOSS.
Oftentimes, students want to create a block of random questions for a specific exam,  just like in the USMLE exams. Read on, for a guide on how to build a random Qbank session in AMBOSS, tailored to your personal study needs.  


#1 - Select your Exam

Select the exam that you want to study for.

Check out the total number of questions in the bottom right-hand corner-- that is how many questions we have in AMBOSS for the exam you're studying for. 


#2 - Select Progress

Select whether you want to do
incorrect ones, recommended if:

  1. You did the blocks before
  2. Did most of the qbank already
  3. Have less than a week to the exam

or not yet answered, recommended if:

  1. You didn't do any questions before
  2. You want to squeeze out the last questions that were not in the exam blocks
  3. You did a random/custom session already

#3 - Select Difficulty

Depending on how confident you feel or how much you want to cover, select a difficulty:

  1. Very easy (easiest 20% of questions)
  2. Easy (20-50%)
  3. Intermediate (50-80%)
  4. Difficult (80-95%)
  5. Very Difficult (hardest 5% of questions)

#4 - Select Mode

If you still need some tips and more information on certain topics go with the study mode and our tools and library have you covered.

If you're close to the exam or want to check out the exam setting ahead of time our exam mode will give you the full experience.



#5 - Select the number of questions

Depending on the time you have you can select a number of question.

PRO-TIP (since we don't have a diagram in the qbank yet):

  1. You can select 'Not Yet Answered' in #2 and the number of unanswered questions will be displayed
  2. You can select 'Incorrect Answered' in #2 and the number of incorrectly answered questions will be displayed
  3. Select 'All' in #2 and the total number of questions for the selected exam will be displayed.