Be Prepared for the Clinic

AMBOSS COVID-19 Materials for Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to an urgent call for more clinical personnel to join the frontlines. This call could very soon extend to medical students and already has for some.

That means many students will be undertaking clinical tasks under circumstances we’ve never seen before. We want to support you as you face these new challenges with our collection of AMBOSS COVID-19-related materials.

COVID-19 Topics You Need to Know

All COVID-19 topics and subtopics such as mechanical ventilation, sepsis, and ARDS are now free to reference in the AMBOSS medical knowledge library. We’ll keep them accessible as the pandemic continues.

Relevant Clinical Skills

Below is a list of important examination methods and practical skills you may need to perform:

COVID-19 Quick-Reference Figures

COVID-19 Diagnostics Videos