AMSA 2018 x AMBOSS Raffle

How to win a things like a Fitbit, AMBOSS (1 year & 6 months), and $25 AMBOSS Gift Cards (prizes awarded Sat. afternoon):

  1. Explore the questions HERE.

  2. Using the Questions and side-by-side Learning Cards, find up to 6 answers for the scavenger hunt below.

  3. Enter your answers in the form below. Your name will be submitted to the raffle for each question you get right (up to 6 times!)

  4. (1) First Prize gets a Fit Bit and a year of AMBOSS Plus; (2) Second Prize Winners get $25 Amazon Card and 6 Months of AMBOSS Plus

Name: *
This is so we can call or text you on Sunday to give you your prize if you win! Phone number will not be used for any other purpose.

Let AMBOSS be your portable resource for all things medical. 


Written and produced by one of the world's largest editing team of physicians, we've re-engineered and digitally organized medical information specifically for students, with a library covering  15,000+ clinical knowledge areas and an integrated bank of 2,000+ exam-style questions.

AMBOSS Platform Features

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