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AMBOSS is setting up a Test Campus License so you can get free access for your first clerkship this January!

Sign-up below to get early access to AMBOSS + a $25 Credit to your first AMBOSS purchase!


“AMBOSS is a great learning tool. The combination of a high quality question bank linked to relevant, concise learning materials makes the test prep process easy.”

 - Nadir Bilici, Surgery Honors - Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn


Columbia University Students will have free access to AMBOSS for their first clerkship this January (1/8-2/16) and the opportunity to sign-up for a group discount.

In order to help you get the most out of AMBOSS, we are setting up a Webinar on November 27th to give you a tour of the platform. Attendees get early access to AMBOSS and a $25 credit on their first AMBOSS purchase (that means an extra $25 off the final group discount price in February!)

Here is what you can expect from the Focus Group:

1. A 1-hour webinar with AMBOSS educators.
2. A how-to walk-through of the AMBOSS platform.

4. Early access to the AMBOSS platform. 
5. $25 off your next AMBOSS purchase.

AMBOSS is a breakthrough learning platform created by a team of over 50 physicians specifically for US medical students. Use the definitive clinical knowledge library, integrated with our entire Shelf & Step-optimized Qbank and powerful analytics to prep for your Shelf Exam and exceed in your clerkships. Check it out for yourself! 

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